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National Efficiency Schemes Summit.

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Retragreen's team embarked on a journey from Melbourne to Sydney, excited to contribute to the National Efficiency Schemes Summit. Our company's expertise in AI energy solutions positioned us as a valuable contributor to the event. We were honored to showcase our innovative technologies, share insights on energy efficiency, and highlight the transformative role AI can play in revolutionizing energy generation, management, and consumption.

Engaging with Industry Experts: The Energy Efficiency Council event provided Retragreen with an invaluable opportunity to engage with industry experts, policymakers, and fellow innovators. Our team actively participated in networking sessions, panel discussions, and workshops, fostering collaborations and gaining insights into the latest advancements in energy efficiency. By forging connections with like-minded professionals, we strengthened our position as a leader in the AI energy space.

Knowledge Sharing and Learning: Retragreen's team attended informative sessions led by esteemed industry experts, gaining valuable insights into the evolving landscape of energy efficiency. The event served as a hub for sharing best practices, discussing policy developments, and exploring emerging trends. Through active participation, we deepened our understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the industry, enabling us to refine our AI energy solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Retragreen's successful participation at the Energy Efficiency Council event held at the University of New South Wales underscores our commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. We are honored to have contributed to the National Efficiency Schemes Summit, sharing our AI energy solutions and engaging with industry leaders and experts. The event served as a platform to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and shape the future of energy efficiency in Australia.

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